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Legal Treatises, by Subject: - A -

Legal treatises provide detailed and thorough overviews, analyses, and explanations of legal topics.


Administrative Law Treatise, Kristin E. Hickman (6th ed. 2019) (KF5402 .D32) (multi-vol. looseleaf)

Administrative Law and Process in a Nutshell, Ronald M. Levin (6th ed. 2017) (KF5402 .Z9 G4

Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook, William F. Funk & Jeffrey S. Lubbers, eds. (5th ed. 2016) (KF5406 .A3)

Administrative Law in the Political System, Kenneth F. Warren (5th ed. 2011).(KF5402 .W37) (also available online)

A Guide to Federal Agency Rulemaking, Jeffrey S. Lubbers (5th ed. 2012) (KF5411 .L83)

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Bromberg and Ribstein on Partnership, Christine Hurt (3d ed. 2020) (KF1375 .H87) (3-vol. looseleaf)

Business Partnership Essentials: A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Succeeding in Business With a Partner, Dorene Lehavi (2d ed. 2018)  (e-book)

Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs, Daniel S. Kleinberger (5th ed. 2017) (KF1345 .Z9  K6)

O'Neal and Thompson's Close Corporations and LLCs: Law and Practice, F. Hodge O'Neal & Robert M. Thompson (rev. 3rd ed. 2004) (KF1466 .O52) (2-vol. looseleaf)

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Admiralty and Maritime Law, Robert Force (Federal Judicial Center 2d ed. 2013) (KF1104 .F67)

Admiralty and Maritime Law, Thomas J. Schoenbaum & Jessica L. McClellan (5th ed. 2012) (KF1104 .S36 Reserve) (Hornbook).

Maritime Law Deskbook, Charles M. Davis (2010) (KF1104 .D32) (looseleaf)

Admiralty and Maritime Law, Robert Force (2004) (KF1104 .F67) (also available online)

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Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers, ABA Dispute Resolution Section (2019) (KF9084 .N443)

The College of Commercial Arbitrators Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration, James Gaitis et al., eds. (2017) (K2400 .C55)

Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, American Arbitration Ass'n (2016) (KF9085 .K36)

Representing Clients in Mediation: A Guide to Optimal Results Based on Insights from Counsel, Mediators, and Program Administrators, Spencer Punnett (2013) (KF9084 .P86)

Consumer Financial Dispute Resolution in a Comparative Context: Principles, Systems and Practice, Shahla F. Ali (2013) (K2405.B35 A43)

Handbook on Arbitration Practice, American Arbitration Ass'n (2010) (KF9085 .H355)

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Guide, Bette J. Roth et al. (1993-) (KF9085 .A93) (looseleaf)

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The Nonsense Factory: The Making and Breaking of the American Legal System, Bruce Gibney (2019) (KF387 .G53)

The American Illness: Essays on the Rule of Law, Francis H. Buckley (2013) (KF389 .A44)

An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States, E. Allan Farnsworth (Steve Sheppard, ed. 4th ed. 2010)

Encyclopedia of the American Judicial System: Studies of the Principle Institutions and Process of Law, Robert J. Janosik, ed. (1987) (KF154 .E53) (multi-vol.)

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Animal Cruelty: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding, Mary P. Brewster & Cassandra Reyes, eds. (2nd ed. 2016) (HV4764 .A532)

Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers, Joan Schaffner, ed. (2009) (KF390.5 .A5 L58)

Wildlife Law: A Global Perspective, Raj Panjwani (2008) (K3525 .W53)

Animals, Property, and the Law, Gary L. Francione (2005) (KF3841 .F73)

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Federal Antitrust Policy: The Law of Competition and Its Practice, Herbert Hovenkamp (3rd ed. 2016) (KF1648 .H68 Reserve) (Hornbook)

Mergers & Acquisitions: Understanding the Antitrust Issues, American Bar A'ssn (4th ed. 2015) (KF1655 .M474)

DOJ Civil Antitrust Practice and Procedure Manual, Kenneth M. Vorrasi, ed. (KF1653 .D65 2012)

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(SEE ALSO Sports Law)

Art, Cultural Heritage, and the Market: Ethical and Legal Issues, Valentina Vadi & Hildegard E.G.S. Schneider (2014) (K3791 .A978)

Entertainment Careers for Lawyers, William D. Henslee (3rd ed. 2014) (KF299 .E47 H56)

Entertainment Law: Legal Concepts and Business Practices, Thomas D. Selz (3rd ed. 2006) (KF4290 .S44) (2-vol. looseleaf)

Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law, Alexander Lindey (3rd ed. 2004) (KF2992 .L562) (multi-vol. looseleaf)

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