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Guide for Law Review Members: Home

This guide will assist students who serve on the Pace law reviews. It provides a basic overview of cite checking, circulation policies, interlibrary loan request procedures, preemption checking, and finding a paper topic.

Save yourself some time by working in teams. The same source could be cited many times within one article or even across several articles. Make sure you communicate with your fellow associates so that you are not all requesting the same exact source.

Start your work from a consolidated Table of Authorities. This makes it easier to see that an article cites to the same source more than once. Considering using a product like Lexis for Microsoft Office that creates a table of authorities and checks and corrects citation formats. 

Read through rules 18.2.1 (General Internet Citation Principles) and 18.2.2 (Citations to Internet Sources). Rule 18.2.1(d) encourages the archiving of Internet sources using reliable archival tools like

One of your jobs is to make sure that sources are cited properly, according to The Bluebook. You will often encounter problems in an article you are editing, such as:

  • missing or incorrect year
  • missing or incorrect page number
  • missing or incorrect volume number
  • misspelled names
  • wrong article titles
  • wrong book titles
  • title of an online article differs from the title of the same article in print
  • online version cited when print is available
  • typos, etc.

Make sure that the citation includes all of the information it is required to have. It  is helpful to use the advanced search features of Google Scholar and Google Books and the Pace Library catalog to confirm basic bibliographic information about a source before you start trying to locate it. 

Know what are you looking for (book, chapter, article, report, statute, case (domestic, foreign, or international), regulation, UN Document, treaty, website, blog, discussion, arbitral award, etc.) before you start looking for it. It will save you time in the long run!

Library materials may be checked out to an individual, not to a group. There is NO checking materials out to law review. Students working on law reviews are subject to the same due dates as other students, so please be sure to renew your item before the initial four-week circulation period expires.