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Feminist Legal Theory Research: Home

Guide to print and online resources, both legal and interdisciplinary, for feminist legal theory research.

Feminist Legal Theory

Feminist legal theory, also called feminist jurisprudence, studies law from the viewpoint of feminist theorists.  Feminist Jurisprudence influences thought in every area of law - among them domestic relations (marriage, divorce, and family), domestic violence, employment, sexual harassment, civil rights, taxation, human rights, and reproductive rights.

Feminist legal theory influences other disciplines as well.  Research in this area covers not just traditional legal resources, but interdisciplinary resources as well.

Use the tabs to explore basic resources (including books), law reviews and journals, Internet resources, and Library databases. Access Westlaw, and Lexis resources with your personal passwords.

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Anita Hill and Sexual Harassment

Feminist Judgments


This guide was created by Cynthia Pittson and is maintained by Deborah L. Heller.


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