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Faculty Services

Access to Library Photocopier

The Library has one photocopier that is available to adjunct faculty for their course-related photocopying. It is located on the third floor (the main floor) of the Library. The code required to operate the copier is available from Beryl Brown, Adjunct Faculty Liaison (422-4264). Use of the Library photocopier should normally be confined to single copies of research materials. All bulk photocopying should be sent to the Graphics Department in Preston Hall.

Access to Other Libraries

As members of Pace Law School’s adjunct faculty, you are eligible to use the libraries of three consortia of which our library is a member: ALLDOG (all academic law libraries in the New York metropolitan area) and METRO (most libraries in the New York metropolitan area). To use any of these libraries, you will need a validated Pace University ID card. In addition, you may also need a referral letter. Please note that Columbia and New York University law libraries have extremely stringent entry requirements and are only available as resources if the material you need is not available elsewhere in the New York metropolitan area. Should you want to take advantage of this service, please contact Vicky Gannon, who will make the necessary arrangements.


The Library staff work continuously to improve the collection. We would very much appreciate the help of our adjunct faculty in suggesting materials for acquisitions. All such requests will be reviewed in light of the Collection Development Policy and budgetary considerations.   Any materials purchased as the result of the suggestion of an adjunct faculty member will be shelved in the Library collection; we do not purchase materials for the personal use of adjunct faculty members.

Bibliographies and Class Instruction

The reference librarians are available to present sessions on specialized legal research, during or outside of class. Contact Deborah Heller if you are interested in this service.

Borrowing Privileges

Adjunct faculty members may borrow circulating materials from the Law Library. However, the following items are not permitted to leave the Library: materials that are updated in any way, including by pocket parts and supplements; multi-volume sets; rare books; statutes; periodicals; serials; materials that are kept on reserve or reference. For a complete list of what does not circulate, please check with the Circulation Department. In order to borrow materials, adjunct faculty must present a validated Pace University ID card. Adjunct faculty may not send in other individuals to borrow on their behalf.

The Law Library will borrow materials needed for class preparation from other libraries and from other Pace libraries. We can request books or copies of articles. Materials requested from other Pace libraries are usually available for pick up at the Law Library within a few days after we request them. Materials requested from outside Pace may take up to three weeks to arrive, so please allow sufficient time for your request to be processed and received.

Course Reserve

Faculty members are welcome to place on course reserve materials that their students will need access to throughout the semester. Please give Vicky Gannon (422-4369), Head of Collection Services, the list of your course reserves at least six weeks before the beginning of the semester when you will be teaching. This will allow us sufficient time to purchase any items we do not own. Please note that the law library does not routinely purchase copies of casebooks or other books that are considered required for the course.

Final Exams

If you wish to make copies of previously administered exams available through the Law Library, you must complete a final exam release form (below).  All previously released final exams are available through the Law Library TWEN site.

Lexis and Westlaw

Access to and use of Lexis and Westlaw passwords are governed by the terms of Pace’s contracts with the database vendors. Adjunct faculty are entitled to passwords only when they are teaching, and must confine their use of the passwords to research undertaken in support of their teaching at Pace Law School. Violation of the academic use clause may result in permanent loss of the passwords. Please contact Alyson Carney or Deborah Heller to request a Lexis or Westlaw password.