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Pace Law Faculty Cited by the Courts: 2023

This guide includes Pace Law faculty articles and books cited by federal and state courts.

Pace Law Faculty Cited in 2023

Michael B. MushlinKarl S. CoplanJosh Galperin


This guide was created by Cynthia Pittson and is currently updated by Deborah Heller.

Pace Law Faculty Cited by the U.S. Supreme Court

Books and Commentaries

Michael B. Mushlin, Rights of Prisoners
  Cited In: 

Merril Sobie, McKinney's Practice Commentaries, Domestic Relations Law
   Cited in:

Merril Sobie, McKinney's Practice Commentaries, Family Court Act
    Cited in: 
Reardon v. Krause, 219 A.D.3d 1710 (N.Y. App. Div. 4th Dep't 2023).