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Comparative Environmental Law: European Union & United States: Overview

Resources for comparative environmental law research for the European Union and the United States


The European Union is an economic and political group of 27 countries (as of April 2020) that covers much of Europe. It began as a purely economic community following World War II as the European Economic Community and changed its name to the European Union in 1993 after the addition of many more countries. The EU has some of the highest environmental standards in the world and actively promotes a sustainable environmental framework. The EU is also known for its transparency, by making its laws and court cases available for free online.

This guide will assist you in:

  • finding international and foreign environmental law by using legal research guides
  • linking to sources of EU, US and international environmental law
  • locating secondary sources, publishing resources and translation tools.
  • learning the basics of Bluebooking for scholarly articles

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