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Student Project: Interstate Water Compacts: Colorado

This research guide explores Interstate Water Compacts in the United States at both the federal and state levels. Specifically, it will explore the law of California, Arizona and Colorado.

Background on Interstate Water Compacts in Colorado

Colorado is party to more interstate water compacts than any other state, with nine in total including; the Colorado River Compact of 1922, Upper Colorado River Basin Compact, Arkansas River Compact, the Costilla Creek Compact, La Plata River Basin Compact, Republican River Compact, Rio Grande Compact, South Platte River Compact and the Animas- La Plata Project Compact. Colorado shares most of its water sources with surrounding states, with the Colorado River arguably being its largest water source which is shared with six other states.  With climate change due to global warming, the Colorado River is in grave danger of depletion in the not too far future if conservation efforts are not implemented. 

Colorado State Statutes

Book on Colorado Interstate Water Compacts

Cases, Involving Other Compacts Colorado is a Party To or Affecting Same

Colorado Research Guide