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Climate Change: U.S.

This guide will help you with your research into the topic of climate change. Information covered will include multilateral environmental agreements, U.S. measures, and scientific concerns.

The EPA website generally removed or buried information relating to climate change (particularly climate science) after the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017. Although some references remained, most of the information was no longer updated. In order to view the information that existed as of January 19, 2017, users can go to the EPA Web Archive (ending June 2023) or the Jan. 19, 2017 Web Snapshot. The Biden Administration EPA restored information on climate change to the current EPA website in January 2021.The website as it was on January 19, 2021 is also archived.

A partnership between the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and to develop a database of environmental actions taken by state attorneys general in their jurisdictions. Allows for filtering by topic, type, or jurisdiction.