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Student Project: Title IX and Transgender Students: Current Awareness

This guide covers how Title IX relates to and protects transgender students.


GLSEN is a national education organization that is still dedicated to the same cause, working diligently to provide safe schools for all students. Specifically GLSEN states that they want to “improve school climate and champion LGBT issues in K-12 education.” To meet this goal the organization funds independent research to create evidence-based solutions to meet the needs of LGBTQ students in K-12 programs, creates content for educators and decision makers to rely on, and encourages student empowerment through leadership to influence their schools.

GLSEN's Current Claim Your Rights Campaign to protect Transstudents after the Trump Administration's Recission of the Obama-era protections under Title IX. 

Transgender Rights Organizations Updates

Laverne Cox on Title IX and Transpeople

Google News RSS Feed- Title IX and Transgender

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