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Faculty Services

How to Submit Past Exams

All previously released final exams have been scanned and are now available through the Law Library TWEN site.

Professors may:

  • Professors can refuse permission to release copies of their exams to us.
  • Professors can give permission to release copies of their exams to us. All exams released by the faculty are accessible on the  Law Library TWEN site.
  • Professors can supply sample answers for the exams they are releasing.
  • Professors can authorize the release of only a portion of the final examination (for example, "Essays only.")

We will not accept electronic copies of exams unless we have received a signed exam release form which indicates what you are giving us permission to do. Access to exams is an important issue for both students and faculty. The Library keeps a file of written permission forms in order to prevent misunderstandings over the course of time, as staff and circumstances change.