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U.S. / Brazil Comparative Environmental Law: Translation Tools

This guide will assist you in finding Brazilian Environmental Law through foreign law research guides; linking to sources of Brazilian law; and locating secondary sources, publishing resources, and translation tools.

The vast majority of Brazilian legal information that is available online is only available in the official language of the country, which is Portuguese. Some materials have been translated into English either by individual publishers or some government entities. Some websites, like the Supremo Tribunal Federal has a limited amount of information available in English as well as Spanish in an attempt to make the court more accessible to the rest of the world. Other sites, like the Senado Federal is beginning to translate its website into other languages, including English, but the process will take time and only some resources are now available in other languages.Therefore, if you do not read Portuguese, you will need to rely on free translation services in order to have a rough understanding of what you are reading. Please keep in mind that these translations are not perfect and would not be something that you would rely on in court, but are good enough to gain an understanding of the text of the law or cases.