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Student Project: Alien Tort Statute: Cases

A concise but comprehensive guide exploring the origins and the evolution of the ATS.

How Caselaw is Shaping the ATS Landscape


Topics and Key Numbers

The following WestlawTopics and Key Numbers may be useful in finding case law and secondary sources. Westlaw subscription required.

361 Statutes

361IV Operation and Effect

361k1415 Extraterritorial Operation

170B Federal Courts

170BIV Cases "Arising Under" Federal Law; Federal-Question Jurisdiction

170Bk2297 Tort Claims

24 Aliens, Immigration, and Citizenship

24IX Alien Tort Claims 

24k763 Violations of Law of Nations

106 Courts

106I Nature, Extent and Exercise of Jurisdiction in General 

170B Federal Courts

170BIV(B) Particular Cases, Contexts, and Questions

170Bk2295 Aliens, Immigration, and Citizenship

170BX Personal Jurisdiction

170BX(B) Actions by or Against Nonresidents; "Long-Arm" Jurisdiction

221 International Law

221k2 Sources and Scope

221k10.29 Actions Against Sovereign or Instrumentality

221k10.33 Extent and Effect of Immunity

393II Liabilities of and Claims Against United States

393II(F) Torts and Tort Claims

393k964 What Law Governs​


Landmark Court Cases for ATS

Selected Briefs

The following are selected briefs, arguments, and opinions filed in the various cases. These briefs allow a researcher to understand the issues presented by the case, as well as the arguments made for and against each issue: 

Morrison - Brief for Petitioner

Morrison - Brief for Respondent 

Daimler AG - ​Brief for Petitioner

Daimler AG - Brief for Respondent