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Student Project: Factory Farming: Secondary Sources

Animal Law Journals

  • The Animal Law eJournal is a Syracuse University College of Law publication which includes articles on a wide range of animal law topics including but not limited to farm animals, agriculture, and animal rights.
  • The Animal Law Review is run by students at Lewis & Clark Law School.  It was "the first journal dedicated to animal law issues and today is the leading journal in this rapidly growing field".
  • The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law is a legal journal of issues pertaining to animal and environmental law authored by students and legal practitioners in the fields.
  • The Stanford Journal of Animal Law & Policy "was founded in August 2007 to provide a high-quality, widely accessible forum for the publication and discussion of animal law scholarship".



The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) maintains the National Agricultural Library Catalog (AGRICOLA).  Using the search terms "Factory Farm" and "CAFO" in the "Books" and "Articles" search boxes will yield over 100 results on either query.