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Student Project: Patentability of Genes: Case Law

This research guide will facilitate a legal analysis about whether genes should be patented by providing primary, secondary and other source materials.

Westlaw KeyCite: Topic and Key Numbers

The following WestlawTopic and Key Numbers may be useful in finding case law and secondary sources.

 This KeyCite tool requires a Westlaw subscription.

92 Constitutional Law

92k2518 Intellectual Property

291 Patents

291 l Subjects of patents, k1-k15
  • 291k1 Nature of patent rights
  • 291k3 Constitutional and statutory provisions
  • 291k4 Arts
  • 291k5 In general
  • 291k6 Principles or laws of nature
  • 291k14 Compositions of matter
  • 291k16.3 Natural scientific phenomena or principles
291 II Patentability, Invention and obviousness, k16
  • 291k16.1 Necessity of invention
  • 291k16.2 Ideas and abstract principles
  • 291k16.3 Natural or scientific phenomena or principles
  • 291k16.4 Results and means of producing
  • 291k16.5 State of prior art and advancement therein

Landmark Supreme Court Cases for Subject-Matter Patents