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Clean Water Act Legal Research: Reports

A legal resource guide for information relating to the Clean Water Act (CWA) including primary and secondary source materials, quick links, and database resources.

The America's Most Endangered Rivers® report is one of the best-known and longest-lived annual reports in the environmental movement. Each year since 1984, grassroots river conservationists have teamed up with American Rivers to use the report to save their local rivers. American Rivers reviews the nominations for the report from river groups and citizens across the country and choose rivers based on whether there is a major decision in the coming year that the public can help influence; the significance of the river to the communities nearby; and the degree of threat to the river. The report highlights ten rivers and provides alternatives to proposals that would damage the rivers. Additionally, opportunities for the public to get involved and contact decisionmakers are also highlighted.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the public policy research arm of Congress. 

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is "non-partisan research and education center working to strengthen environmental protection by improving law and governance worldwide." ELI Research Reports contain "the analysis and conclusions of the policy studies the [ELI] undertakes to improve environmental law."