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Vacant, Abandoned, and Distressed Property Legal Research Guide: Case Studies, Guidelines, and Policy Materials

The focus of this guide is the search for local land use laws relevant to vacant, abandoned, and distressed properties. This research guide includes links to primary and secondary sources.

Case Studies, Guidelines, and Best Practices - Overview

Websites containing collections of guidelines and best practices can provide useful starting points when researching aspects of land use law.  Start with the guidelines and best practices, and then you can often work back to the municipalities that are using those development tools. Often these these websites will also contain case studies in addition to other materials, such as links to relevant municipal ordinances.  

Case Studies, Guidelines and Best Practices A - M

Case Studies, Guidelines and Best Practices N - Z

Policy Materials

Policy analysis and reports often includes statistical data and references to other useful sources.

Special Focus: Code Compliance

Special Focus: Vacant Property Registration