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Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Research: Scholarly Writings

Guide to sources on how to conduct legal research in legal ethics and professional responsibility, including New York materials.

These are a selection of print treatises available at the Law Library. To find additional materials, search the online catalog

This is a selection of treatises that are not jurisdicion-specific and which are available online in Lexis or Westlaw. (Most of these are available in Westlaw.)  Both Lexis and Westlaw have some jurisdiction-specific treatises, but coverage will vary by state.

Although some law reviews are dedicated to the topic of legal ethics and professional responsibility, do not limit your searches to just those periodicals. Remember that any law review may publish an article that deals with this topic, so don't narrow your focus your search too narrowly on certain publications.

Bar journals are published by the state, federal, city and county bar associations and contain articles that are written by practicing attorneys in that state. These bar journals can be a particularly rich source of articles on the legal ethics rules which are specific to that jurisdiction. Note that not all jurisdictions will have a bar journal. You can find  federal, state, city, and county bar journals on Lexis and Westlaw from the 1990s - current. For historical coverage starting with v. 1, use HeinOnline.