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Examination and Cross-Examination: Getting the Facts: Famous (and Infamous) Testimony

Trial transcrips and practice materials on the examination of witnesses

Direct Examination

1855: Trial of Celia, A Slave

1865: Abraham Lincoln Assasination Conspriacy Trial

1873: U.S. v. Susan B. Anthony 

1885: Trial of Louis Riel

1886: Haymarket Affair Trial (and cross-examination)

1911: Triangle Factory Fire Trial Transcript

1925: Scopes Trial

1942: U.S. v. Zammora (Sleepy Lagoon case) (and cross-examination)

1951: Rosenberg Trial Transcript (and cross-examination)

1970: Seattle Conspiracy Trial (and cross-examination)

1977: Leonard Peltier Trial

1984: Omega 7 Trial (and cross-examination)

1998: U.S. v. Microsoft (and cross-examination)

2000: Terri Schiavo Case (and cross-examination)

2005: Dover School District Intelligent Design Case (and cross-examination)

2007: Capitol Records v. Jammie Thomas (and cross-examination)


1858: Illinois v. Armstrong

1881: Cross-Examination of Charles J. Guiteau, the assissin of President Garfield

1885: Trial of Louis Riel

1899: Laidlaw v. Sage, 52 N.E. 679, 158 N.Y. 73 (1899)

1911: Triangle Factory Fire Trial Transcript