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Statutes - Federal and State Criminal Law Statutes: G - K

Compilation of federal and state criminal law statutes, including links to criminal code, criminal procedure, evidence, judiciary, juveniles, and department of corrections provisions when available.


The Official Georgia Code Annotaded is made available by LexisNexis at the Georgia Legislature website. Search the Code using terms and connectors or natural language. 


Hawaii Revised Statutes are available at the Hawaii State Legislature website and can be searched from the main Hawaii State Legislature page or browsed using table of contents. 


Idaho Statutes are available at the Idaho Legislature website. 


Illinois Compiled Statutes are available at the Illinois General Assembly website. 


Indiana Code is available at the Indiana General Assembly website. 


Iowa Code is available at the Iowa Legislature General Assembly website. 


Kansas Revised Statutes are available at the Kansas State Legislature.


To search the Kentucky Revised Statutes using keywords click here.

Table of Title and Chapter Listings

Title XL: Crimes and Punishments

  • Ch. 431: General Provisions concerning Crimes and Punishment
  • Ch. 432: Offenses Against the State and Public Justice
  • Ch. 433: Offenses Against Property by Force
  • Ch. 434: Offenses Against Property by Fraud
  • Ch. 436: Offenses Against Morality
  • Ch. 437: Offenses Against Public Peace -- Conspiracies
  • Ch. 438: Offenses Against Public Health and Safety
  • Ch. 439: Probation and Parole
  • Ch. 440: Escapes, Fugitives From Justice, and Extradition
  • Ch. 441: Jails and County Prisoners

Title L: Kentucky Penal Code

  • Ch. 500: General Provisions
  • Ch. 501: General Principles of Liability
  • Ch. 502: Parties to Offenses: Accountability
  • Ch. 503: General Principles of Justification
  • Ch. 504: Responsibility
  • Ch. 505: Protection Against Unfair or Oppressive Prosecution
  • Ch. 506: Inchoate Offenses
  • Ch. 507: Criminal Homicide
  • Ch. 507A: Fetal Homicide
  • Ch. 508: Assault and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 509: Kidnapping and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 510: Sexual Offenses
  • Ch. 511: Burglary and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 512: Criminal Damage to Property
  • Ch. 513: Arson and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 514: Theft and RelatedOffenses
  • Ch. 515: Robbery
  • Ch. 516: Forgery and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 517: Business and Commercial Frauds
  • Ch. 518: Miscellaneous Crimes Affecting Businesses, Occupations & Professions
  • Ch. 519: Obstruction of Public Administration
  • Ch. 520: Escape and Other Offenses Relating to Custody
  • Ch. 521: Bribery and Corrupt Influences
  • Ch. 522: Abuse of Public Office
  • Ch. 523: Perjury and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 524: Interference with Judicial Adminstration
  • Ch. 525: Riot, Disorderly Conduct, and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 526: Eavesdropping and Related Offenses
  • Ch. 527: Offenses Related to Firearms and Weapons
  • Ch. 528: Gambling
  • Ch. 529: Prostitution Offenses
  • Ch. 530: Family Offenses
  • Ch. 531: Pornography
  • Ch. 532: Classification & Designation of Offenses - Authorized Disposition
  • Ch. 533: Probation and Conditional Discharge
  • Ch. 534: Fines

 Kentucky Rules of Evidence