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Statutes - Federal and State Criminal Law Statutes: A - F

Compilation of federal and state criminal law statutes, including links to criminal code, criminal procedure, evidence, judiciary, juveniles, and department of corrections provisions when available.


Code of Alabama of 1975 as accessible at the Alabama Legislature website. 


Alaska Statutes are available at the Alaska State Legislature website. 


Arizona Revised Statutes are available at the Arizona State Legislature website. 


Arkansas Code of 1987 is available at the Arkansas State Legislature website. Access is provided by Lexis. 


California Laws consisting of 29 titles is available on the California Legislative Information webste. 


The Colorado Revised Statutes and Court Rules are made available by the LexisNexis Group at the Colorado General Assembly website. 


Connecticut General Statutes are available on the Connecticut General Assembly Website. They are amended as of Jan. 1, 2015 and accompanied with 2016 supplement. 


The Delaware Code is available at the Delaware Legislature website. 

District of Columbia

District of Columbia statutory text is available at the District of Columbia Legislature website. 


Florida Statutes & Constitution are available at the Official Internet Site of Florida Legislature.