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Statutes - Federal and State Criminal Law Statutes: Federal

Compilation of federal and state criminal law statutes, including links to criminal code, criminal procedure, evidence, judiciary, juveniles, and department of corrections provisions when available.

United States Code

The following are related criminal law/procedure titles and sections:

  • Title 18: Crimes and Criminal Procedure (including the Appendix)
    • Part I Crimes (sections 1 - 2725)
    • Part II Criminal Procedure (sections 3001 - 3771)
    • Part III Prisons and Prisoners (sections 4001 - 4353)
    • Part IV Correction of Youthful offenders (sections 5001 - 5042)
    • Part V Immunity of Witnesses (sections 6001 - 6005) 
    • Appendix includes Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Title 28: Judiciary and Judicial Procedure (including the Appendix) 

             Appendix includes: Federal Rules of Evidence, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure