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Statutes - Federal and State Criminal Law Statutes: R - Z

Compilation of federal and state criminal law statutes, including links to criminal code, criminal procedure, evidence, judiciary, juveniles, and department of corrections provisions when available.

Rhode Island

State of Rhode Island General Laws are available at the State of Rhode Island Assembly - Legislative Information website. 

South Carolina

South Carolina Code of Laws is available at the South Carolina Legislature website. Search by bill number, legislation, budget, code of laws, code of regulations, or constitution.  

South Dakota

South Dakota Codified Laws are available at the South Dakota Legislature website. 


Tennessee Code is available via Lexis from the Tennessee General Assembly - Legislation website. 


Texas Statutes are available from the Texas Legislature website. Search or browse the Texas Constitution and Texas Statutes. Documents are available in html, PDF, or Word.


Utah Code is available at the Utah State Legislature website. 


Vermont Statutes are also available at the State of Vermont Legislature website. 


Code of Virginia is available at Virginia General Assembly Information System. 


Revised Code of Washington is available at Washington State Legislature website. 

West Virginia

West Virginia Code is available at West Virginia Legislature website. 

Printer friendly versions are available: 
Crimes and Their Punishment  
Criminal Procedure  
Evidence and Witnesses  


Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations are available at the Wisconsin State Legislature's Legislative Reference Bureau. 


Wyoming Statutes are available at the Wyoming State Legislature website.