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Statutes - Federal and State Criminal Law Statutes: N - P

Compilation of federal and state criminal law statutes, including links to criminal code, criminal procedure, evidence, judiciary, juveniles, and department of corrections provisions when available.


Nebraska Revised Statutes are available at the Nebraska Legislature website. 

Printer friendly versions are available:
Crimes and Punishment  
Criminal Procedure  
Rules of Evidence 


Nevada Revised Statutes are available at the Nevada Legislature website. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Statutes are available at the New Hampshire Government website. 

Search New Hampshire Revised Statutes by keyword. 

New Jersey

New Jersey Permanent Statutes are available at the New Jersey Legislature website. 

New Mexico

New Mexico Statutes are available at the New Mexico Legislature website. Use targetted or power search to search the New Mexico Constitution, Statutes, or Rules; or get a document by citation. 

New York

New York State Laws can be accessed from the New York State Assembly website via the New York State Legislature website. 

North Carolina

North Carolina General Statutes are available at the North Caroline General Assembly website. 

Printer friendly versions: 
Criminal Law  
Criminal Procedure  
Criminal Procedure Act  
Evidence Code  

North Dakota

North Dakota Century Code is available at North Dakota Legislative Branch website. 


Ohio Revised Code is available via the Ohio Legislation and Document page on the Ohio General Assembly website. 


Oklahoma Statutes are available online at the Oklahoma Legislature website and it can be searched here


Oregon Revised Statutes are available at the Oregon State Legislature. 


Pennsylvania General Assembly website provides access to the The Constitution, the Consolidated Statutes, and the Unconsolidated Statutes of Pennsylvania. 

Rules of Criminal Procedure and Rules of Evidence are both standing separately.