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Elisabeth Haub School of Law Archives: Series 1: Adjunct Faculty

The following guide lists the series titles of the Pace Law School Archives and indexes the contents of each series.

Adjunct Faculty (A - I)

Bick, Jonathan D.

Burleson, Elizabeth

Dowd, Michael

Dunn, Alexandra Dapolito

Ferencz, Benjamin

Goldstein, Robert J.

Green Preston L.

Inniss, Lolita Buckner


Bick, Jonathan D.:

Digital Publications

Book: 101 Things You Need to Know About Internet Law (2000)

Article: "Applying Copyright Law on the Internet," 157 NJLJ S-2 (July 1999)

Article: "The Electronic Commerce Landscape," 156 NJLJ 32 (June 1999)

Article: "Adapting Process Patents to Cyberspace," Outside Counsel, NYLJ

Article: "Internet and Parental Legal Liability," 19 N. J. Family Lawyer 117 (June 1999)

Article: "Why Should the Internet Be Any Different?," 19 Pace L. Rev. 41 (Fall 1998)

Burleson, Elizabeth:

Digital Publications  

Dowd, Michael:

Digital Publications

Article: "Dispelling the Myths About the 'Battered Women's Defense': Towards a New Understanding," XIX Fordham Urb. L. J. 567 (1992)

Dunn, Alexandra Dapolito:

Digital Publications

Ferencz, Benjamin:

Digital Publications

Article: "Make Law Not War," International Justice, The World Today at 152 (June 1998)

Article: "You have it in your power to make the dream of a more human world order under law come true," The International Court Monitor - Rome Treaty Conference Monitor (June 16, 1998)

Article: "An International Criminal Code and Court: Where They Stand and Where They're Going," 30 Columbia J. of Transnational L. 375 (1992)

Article: "Symposium on the Gulf War: The Nuremberg Principles and the Gulf War," 66 St. John's L. Rev. 711 (Fall 1992)

Book: Planethood (1991) (co-authored with Ken Keyes, Jr.)

Book: A Common Sense Guide to World Peace (1985)

Goldstein, Robert J.:

Digital Publications

Article: "Green Wood in the Bundle of Sticks: Fitting Environmental Ethics and Ecology Into Real Property Law," 25 Boston College Env. Affairs L. Rev. 347 (Winter 1998)

Article: "An Environmental Court for Brazil," Opinion, The BridgeNews Forum (June 18, 1998)

Article: "Environmental laws can guard human rights in Asia," The Record, Bergen Edition (July 28, 1997)

Article: "Nigeria's Environment," Editorials/Letters, The N. Y. Times (May 30, 1997)

Green, Preston L.:

Article: "Reagan can do better than Camp David," The Christian Science Monitor at 23 (March 26, 1981)

Article: "Unilateral Intervention on Behalf of Hijacked American Nationals Held Abroad," 1979 Utah L. Rev. 231 (1979) (co-authored with Abraham Abramovsky)

Article: "Lesson's of Young's Departure," 9 Palestine Digest 7 (August 1979)

Article: "The Arab Economic Boycott of Israel: The International Law Perspective," 11 Vanderbilt J. of Transnational L. 77 (Winter 1978)

Inniss, Lolita Buckner:

Article: "A 'Ho New World: Raced and Gendered Insult as Ersatz Carnival and the Corruption of Freedom of Expression Norms," 33 NYU Rev. of L. & Social Change 43 (2009)

Adjunct Faculty (J - Q)

Leiser, Burton

Levi, Kelly Koenig

Lowry David

Mantell, Edmund

Olivenbaum, Joseph M.

Olson, Carol Duane

O'Neil, Paul

Pekarek, Edward


Leiser, Burton:

Digital Publications

Book: Liberty, Justice, and Morals: Contemporary Value Conflicts (3rd ed.) (1986)

Levi, Kelly Koenig:

Article: "Finding Success in the 'Cauldron of Competition:' The Effectiveness of Academic Support Programs," 2004 BYU Ed. and L. J. 1 (2004)

Article: " Post Charge Title VII Claims: A Proposal Allowing Courts to Take "Charge" When Evaluating Whether to Proceed or to Require a Second Filing," 18 Georgia State Univ. L. Rev. (Spring 2002)

Lowry, David:

Article: "Clinical Law in the Area of Mental Health," 1979 Wisconsin L. Rev. 373 (1979) (co-authored with Robin M. Kennedy)

Article: "Legal Intervention in Industrial Relations in the United States and Britain - A Comparative Analysis," 63 Marquette L. Rev. 1 (Fall 1979) (co-authored with Anthony F. Bartlett & Timothy J. Heinsz)

Mantell, Edmund:

Digital Publications

Article: "On the Economics and Politics of Environmental Protection: Mitigating Policy Conflicts," 44 The American J. of Econ. & Sociology 435 (Oct. 1985)

Article:  "Allocative and Distributive Efficiency of Products Liability Law in a Monopolistic Market," 7 J. of Products Liability 143 (1984)

Olivenbaum, Joseph M.:

Article: "'ALA': The Internet and the Commerce Clause," Outside Counsel, 218 NYLJ (July 29, 1997)

Olson, Carol Duane:

Article: "Recent Cases and Rulings on Estate and Gift Taxation," 7 Rev. of Taxaxtion of Individuals 186 (Spring 1983)

Article: "Recent Cases and Rulings on Estate and Gift Taxation," 6 Rev. of Taxaxtion of Individuals 188 (Spring 1982)

Article: "Recent Cases and Rulings on Estate and Gift Taxation," 6 Rev. of Taxaxtion of Individuals 90 (Winter 1982)

Article: "Recent Cases and Rulings on Estate and Gift Taxation," 5 Rev. of Taxation of Individuals 316 (Summer 1981)

Article: "Recent Cases and Rulings on Estate and Gift Taxation," 5 Rev. of Taxation of Individuals 175 (Spring 1981)

Article: "Article Digests," 5 Rev. of Taxation of Individuals 86 (Winter 1981)

Article: "Article Digests," 4 Rev. of Taxation of Individuals 376 (Autumn 1980)

O'Neil, Paul:

Article: "Change Laws That Shield H.M.O.'s From Suit," Letters To the Editor, N.Y. Times

Pekarek, Edward:

Article: "The Shifting Tide of ESI Discovery Cost Allocation," 18 PIABA Bar J. 11 (2011)

Article: "Banks and Brokers and Bricks and Clicks: An Evaluation of FINRA's Proposal to Modify the "Bank Broker-Dealer Rule," 73 Albany L. Rev. 465 (2010) (co-authored with Jill I. Gross)

Adjunct Faculty (R - Z)

Rapisardi, John J.

Rice, Terry

Silfen, Martin E.

Stern, Gerald

Strauss, Debra M.

Varona, Anthony E.


Rapisardi, John J.:

Digital Publications

Article: "The Rule of Explicitness: Postpetition Interest, Senior Creditors," NYLJ at 3 (Mar. 22, 1999)

Article: "Standby Letters of Credit - Pitfalls," 220 NYLJ 3 (July 16, 1998)

Article:  "Landlord's Damage Claims Against Guarantors," NYLJ at 3 (Jan. 15, 1998)

Rice, Terry:

Digital Publications

Article: "1990 Survey of New York Law: Zoning and Land Use," 42 Syracuse L. Rev. 761 (1991)

Article: "1989 Survey of New York Law: Zoning and Land Use," 41 Syracuse L. Rev. 579 (1990)

Silfen, Martin E.:

Book: Counseling Clients in the Entertainment Industry (1987)

Stern, Gerald:

Digital Publications

Strauss, Debra M.:

Book: Behind the Bench: The Guide to Judicial Clerkships (2002)

Varona, Anthony E.:

Article: "Foreward: Politics, Pragmatism, and the Courts," II G'town J. of Gen. and the L. 155 (2001)

Article: "Anchoring Justice: The Constitutionality of the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act in United States v. Morrison's Shifting Seas," 12 Stanford L. & Pol. Rev. 9 (Winter 2001)

Article: "Setting the Record Straight: The Effects of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 1997 on the First and Fourteenth Amendment Rights of Gay and Lesbian Public Schoolteachers," 6 Commlaw Conspectus 25 (Winter 1998).