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Elisabeth Haub School of Law Archives: Series 1: Current Faculty

The following guide lists the series titles of the Pace Law School Archives and indexes the contents of each series.

1.00 - Faculty Publications (General)

Pace Univ. Publications of Interest: Published Works of Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students, 1977-1978

Pace Univ. Faculty Handbook, 1991 ed. (includes Law School Constitution and P&T Regs.)

Pace LS Archive

Pace Univ. School of Law Faculty Publications, 1989-1992

Pace Univ. School of Law, Faculty Publications 1994 - 1995

Pace Law School 30th Anniversary Faculty Scholarship and Accomplishments 2003-2006

Pace Law School Faculty Scholarship and Accomplishments 2004-2007


(Bibliographies of Print Publications In the Pace Archives by Current Pace Faculty are Shown in .pdf documents; see the Pace Digital Commons for electronic publications of the Faculty)

Anderson, Horace

Atwell, Barbara

Bartow, Ann

Ben-Asher, Noa

Carlisle, Jay C., II

Cassuto, David N.

Cohen, David

Coplan, Karl S.

Crawford, Bridget

Czarnezki, Jason J.

Doernberg, Donald L.

Dorfman, David

Fentiman, Linda

Fishman, James J.

Flint, Margaret M.

Garfield, Leslie Y.

Gershman, Bennett L.

Goldberg, Steven H.

Green, Shelby

Greenawalt, Alexander K.A.

Griffin, Lissa

Gross, Jill I.

Humbach, John A.

Jensen, Ronald H.

Johnson, Irene

Kennedy, Robert F., Jr.

Lund, Andrew C.W.

McDonnell, Thomas M.

McLaughlin, Randolph M.

Merton, Vanessa

Mushlin, Michael B.

Newman, Marie S.

Nolon, John R.

Parkin, Jason

Robinson, Nicholas A.

Rogers, Audrey

Rosenblum, Darren

Simon, Michelle S.

Sobie, Merril

Waldman, Emily Gold