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Comparative Criminal Procedure: Books

Guide to print and online resources for comparative criminal procedure research.

Finding Treatises in Print

The Law Library has a good collection of treatises about comparative criminal law, addressing the laws of various countries.  These works are not translations of foreign domestic laws, rather, they are analysis of the criminal procedure laws of various countries. Print treatises are best located by searching in an online library catalog.

Here is a partial list of relevant subject headings:

Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure (followed by name of jurisdiction)

Terrorism -- Prevention -- Law and Legislation

Terrorism -- Prevention -- Law and Legislation (followed by name of jurisdiction)

Online Treatises

There are very few online treatises that you can use when studying criminal procedure laws of foreign countries.

Focus on: Right to a Fair Trial

Focus on: UK Law

Focus on: German Law

Comparative Criminal Procedure: Multiple Topics, Multiple Jurisdictions

These treatises address the topic of comparative criminal law in the context of a variety of different issues across several jurisdictions. This list is not exhaustive, but is meant to serve as a starting point for your research.

Comparative Criminal Procedure: Overview