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Legal Treatises, by Subject: - F-H -

Legal treatises provide detailed and thorough overviews, analyses, and explanations of legal topics.


(SEE ALSO Civil Procedure; Evidence; New York Practice)

Moore's Federal Practice, James W. Moore (3rd ed. 1997) (KF8820 .A313 M63) (multi-vol. looseleaf)

Federal Practice and Procedure, Charles A. Wright (1969) (KF8840 .W68) (multi-vol.)

Civil Practice in the Southern District of New York, Michael C. Silberberg (2d ed. 2012) (KF8821 .N583 S57) (2-vol. looseleaf)

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SEE ALSO Sports Law

International Casino Law, Anthony N. Cabot (2d ed. 1993) (K3704 .I58)

Gaming Law in a Nutshell, Walter T. Champion, Jr. & I. Nelson Rose (2012) (KF9443 .C43)

Crime, Addiction and the Regulation of Gambling, Toine Spapens et al., eds. (2008) (electronic book)

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(SEE ALSO Civil Rights; Human Rights)

Gender and Global Justice, Alison M. Jaggar et al., eds. (2014) (K644 .G45).

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The Complete Guide to Government Contract Types, Kenneth R. Segel (2016) (e-book)

Government Contract Guidebook, Steven W. Feldman (2012-2013) (KF849 .A87)

Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions, John T. Boese (4th ed. 2011) (KF849 .B64) (2-vol. looseleaf)

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The Law of Healthcare Administration, J. Stuart Showalter (7th ed. 2015) (e-book)

Fundamentals of Health Law, Barry D. Alexander et al. (6th ed. 2014) (KF3821 .F86 +CD-Rom)

Health Law Practice Guide, American Health Lawyers Ass'n (2d ed. 2008) (KF3821 .H435) (multi-vol. looseleaf +CD-ROM)

Legal Perspectives in Bioethics, Ana S. Iltis, ed. (2008) (KF3821 .L445)

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The U.S. Supreme Court and the Domestic Force of International Human Rights Law, Stephen A. Simon (2016) (KF4749 .S56)

International Human Rights Law, Daniel Moeckli et al., eds. (K3240 .I5789 2010)

Human Rights Today: 60 Years of the Universal Declaration, Miodrag A. Jovanovic (2010) (K3239.8 .H88)

Basic Documents on Human Rights, Ian Brownlie, ed. (5th ed. 2006) (K3238 .A1 B76)

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