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Legal Treatises, by Subject: - C -

Legal treatises provide detailed and thorough overviews, analyses, and explanations of legal topics.


Civil Procedure, Jack H. Friedenthal (5th ed. 2015) (KF8840 .F72 Reserve) (Hornbook).

Federal Practice and Procedure, Charles A. Wright (1969) (KF8840 .W68) (multi-vol.).

New York Practice, David D. Siegel (6th ed. 2018) (KFN5995 .S5 Reserve)

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Civil Rights in American Law, History, and Politics, Austin Sarat (2014) (KF4755 .C58)

Working Law: Courts, Corporations, and Symbolic Civil Rights, Lauren B. Edelman (2016) (KF3464 .E34)

Federal Civil Rights Acts, Rodney A. Smolla (3rd ed. 2011) (KF4749 .A745) (2-vol. looseleaf)

Race, Racism, and American Law, Derrick Bell (6th ed. 2008) (KF4757 .B35)

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(SEE ALSO Agency & Partnership, Business Law, Contracts; Corporations)

Combining Mediation and Arbitration in International Commercial Dispute Resolution, Dilyara Nigmatullina (2019) (K2400 .N547)

The Law of Modern Commercial Practices, Patricia F. Fonseca (2014) (KF889 .S7) (multi-vol.)

Uniform Commercial Code, James J. White & Robert S. Summers (6th ed. 2010) (KF 890 .W452) (multi-vol.)

The ABCs of the UCC, Frederick H. Miller (2006) (2nd ed. 2006) (KF1526 .M55)

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Electronic Media Law and Regulation, Kenneth Creech (6th ed. 2014) (KF2805 .C74)

A Comparative Study of Cybercrime in Criminal Law: China, US, England, Singapore and the Council of Europe, Qianyun Wang (2017) (K5030 .C93 W36)

Digital Media Law, Ashley Packard (2nd ed. 2013) (e-book)

Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age, Susan P. Crawford (2013) (e-book).

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Conflict of Laws, Peter Hay & Eugene F. Scales (5th ed. 2010) (KF411 .S28 Reserve) (Hornbook)

Commentary on the Conflict of Laws, Russell J. Weintraub (6th ed. 2010) (KF411 .W37)

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Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies, Erwin Chemerinsky (6th ed. 2019) (KF4550 .C44)

Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure, Ronald D. Rotunda (5th ed. 2012) (KF4550 .R63) (multi-vol.).

American Constitutional Law, Lawrence H. Tribe (3rd ed. 2000) (KF4550 .T785).

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