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Guide for First-Year Law Students: Contracts

This guide will aid new law students in preparing for and surviving the first year of law school. It includes books, audio and video resources, and websites on survival skills and first year courses. Also includes books for international students.

CALI Lessons

Outlines for First-Year Courses

More Books

Hornbooks, Treatises, and Nutshells

Many of these are on reserve, ask for them at the Circulation Desk.  Older versions may be in the stacks and can be checked out for longer periods of time.

Hornbook? Treatise? What?

Hornbook = single-volume scholarly work on a specific area of law geared towards law students.  Hornbooks are very often condensed versions of longer works, called treatises.

Treatise = scholarly work, often multi-volume and with the author's name in the title (e.g., Corbin on Contracts).  These offer in-depth analysis of an area of law, and include historical information and current trends.

Nutshell = short, single-volume, pocket-sized overview of an area of law, published by Thomson/West.