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Lucie Olejnikova
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Reference / Electronic Services Librarians & Adjunct Professor of Law
Pace University School of Law Library
Gerber Glass 201 C
White Plains, NY, 10603


Criminal Justice Information and Assistance for Victims, Juveniles, the Incarcerated, and the Accused
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated May 19, 2015
Collection of information about governmental (federal, state, and local) and non-governmental agencies, organizations, and services that provide assistance within the criminal justice system.
Tags: assistance, criminal_justice_system, criminal_law, prisoners
Guide For Law Review Members
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated Apr 21, 2015
This guide will assist students who serve on the Pace law reviews. It provides a basic overview of cite checking, circulation policies, interlibrary loan request procedures, preemption checking, and finding a paper topic.
Tags: law, law_reviews, legal_research, legal_writing, paper_topics, preemption_checking
Immigration Law Information and Assistance
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated May 19, 2015
Collection of online resources providing immigration law information & assistance, including laws, federal agencies, U.S., International, region- and subject-specific organizations, agencies, and institutes.
Tags: assistance, asylum, federal_agencies, government_internet_resources, human_rights, immigration, international, migration, refugees
International Criminal Law
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated Apr 30, 2015
A guide to online and print resources, including substantive and procedural law, secondary sources, journals and news.
Tags: aggression, crimes against humanity, criminal_law, genocide, icc, international criminal tribunals, international_criminal_court, international_criminal_law, international_law, war_crimes
International Legal Research
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated May 29, 2015
A guide to international public and private law, with an emphasis on international public law. This guide presents print, digital, subscription and free online resources to international legal research and is organized by the type of resource.
Tags: international_law, legal_research, public_international_law
International Sales Law
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated May 11, 2015
This guide is to aid researchers in learning, understanding, and carrying out legal research in the area of international sales law with special emphasis on researching the CISG.
Tags: cisg, convention on international sale of goods, databases, international, international sales law, international_commercial_law, international_law, internet_legal_research, legal_news, legal_research, private_international_law
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Research
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated Dec 17, 2014
Guide to sources on how to conduct legal research in legal ethics and professional responsibility, including New York.
Tags: legal_ethics, legal_research, professional_responsibility
Research Assistants Guide
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated May 28, 2015
Basic guide for research assistants and what they need to know about legal research ...
Tags: databases, free_legal_research, legal_research, research_assistant
Rosetta Stone at Pace Law School
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated Apr 6, 2015
A legal resource guide for information about and access to Pace Law School's Rosetta Stone subscription.
Tags: foreign language, pace law school, rosetta stone
Statutes - Federal and State Criminal Law Statutes
by Lucie Olejnikova - Last Updated Feb 12, 2015
Compilation of federal and state criminal law statutes, including links to criminal code, criminal procedure, evidence, judiciary, juveniles, and department of corrections provisions when available.
Tags: criminal code, criminal justice system, criminal law, criminal law statutes, criminal procedure, evidence, federal criminal code, legal research, penal code, state criminal code, united states code