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Prisoners' Rights Law Resources: Home

A gateway to information on prisoners' rights, including federal, state, and international primary and secondary sources, in print and online, with a particular focus on special populations and topical issues.

Research Guides

Find Law Review and Journal Articles

Search the Print and E-Journals using the title of the journal or law review.

Search the Library Catalog using the title of the journal or law review. 

These two sources are complementary, so check both for databases (except for Westlaw and LexisNexis) that contain the full text of the journal.

Check WorldCat, which contains cataloging records of books, audiotapes, videotapes, and databases of OCLC member libraries.

Use Interlibrary Loan to request an article from a law review or a journal that is not available in the Pace collection.

HeinOnline One Box Search

HeinOnline One Box Search

About This Guide

This guide was developed by former Pace Law reference librarian Margaret Moreland, and is currently maintained by Ms. Moreland and Errol Adams, Electronic Services Librarian, Pace Law Library.

Research on rights of prisoners includes many subjects, including: federal and state corrections laws, legal assistance, constitution and civil rights laws,  grievance procedures for prisoners, prison personnel,  medical and mental health care, issues of religious freedom, visitation, cruel and unusual punishment, and voting rights of ex-convicts,

Secondary Sources: Prisoners' Rights


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