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Student Project: Right to Counsel: Secondary Sources

This research guide facilitates the analysis of the 6th Amendment, right to assistance of counsel.

Books & Treatises

Law Review Articles

Law review articles are very useful secondary sources because they can help explain, analyze and interpret complex constitutional issues. 

Other Law Review Articles

The Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective* is an excellent resource for locating law review articles regarding the right to counsel, particularly where this database has indexed articles published between the years 1908 and 1981. The following keyword searches will be especially helpful: 
  • "Gideon v. Wainwright" in CU Cases 
For law review articles published after 1980, Legal Source* is an especially helpful resource for legal researchers and links directly to Heinonline.*  The following keyword searches are recommended:
  • Advanced: (Keyword) "Gideon" AND (Keyword) "Wainwright"
To Refine this Search: 
  • (Subject) "Right to counsel" AND
  • (Subject) "Legal assistance to the poor" AND
  • (Subject) "United States Constitution"
For a Broader Search:
  • "Right to Counsel"
* Subscription required.


Encyclopedias & American Law Reports

American Law Reports (Available on Lexis and Westlaw). Comprehensive summary and commentary on Sixth Amendment cases regarding the Right to Counsel that have come before the Supreme Court. Randy J. Sutton, Construction and Application of Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel—Supreme Court Cases, 33 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 1 (2009).

American Jurisprudence (Available on Lexis and Westlaw). Contains footnotes and references to selected cases, “Research References,” West Digest Key Numbers, and American Law Reports Annotations. 21A Am. Jur. 2d Criminal Law § 1135 (2013).

Corpus Juris Secundum (Available on Westlaw). Contains footnotes and references to somewhat more exhaustive cases than American Jurisprudence.,“Research References,” West Digest Key Numbers, and American Law Reports annotations. 22 C.J.S. Criminal Law § 339 (2013). 

ACS Issue Briefs