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International Criminal Law: Databases

A guide to online and print resources, including substantive and procedural law, secondary sources, journals and news.

HeinOnline International Law Databases


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  • Court and Tribunal Cases
  • General International
  • Legislation
  • Legal News/Highlights/and Current Awareness
  • International Organizations and Institutions
  • Law Reviews/Bar Journals/ and Legal Periodicals
  • Texts & Treatises
  • International Practice Areas → Criminal  



The following is available under International Law Topic. Under a topic, Lexis pulls all its available documents related to that topic and divides them into categories by the type of a document (cases, legislation, secondary, etc.).

Foreign and International Immunity, including Sovereign Immunity, United Nations and Waiver. 
Individuals & Sovereign States, including Asylum, Extradition Treaties, Human Rights (Arbitrary Detention, Extrajudicial Killings, Genocide, Hostage Taking & Kidnapping, Slavery, Terrorism, Torture, and War Crimes).  
Laws of War
Territorial Boundaries
Treaty Formation, including general overview, Treaty Modifications, Treaty Negotiations, and Treaty Ratifications. 
Treaty Interpretation, including general overview, section on intent (history, practical construction, plain language construction), liberal contructions, particular treaties (Hague and Warsaw Convention), and Treaty Review. 


Portals Available Online