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International Criminal Law: Print Resources by Issue

A guide to online and print resources, including substantive and procedural law, secondary sources, journals and news.

International Criminal Procedure and Evidence

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International Criminal Procedure 
International Criminal Law and Procedure 

Individual, Command, and Collective Responsibility

For additional items see criminal liability (international law)  or International Criminal Responsibility subject headings 

International Criminal Tribunals

International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia 
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda  

Punishment and Prosecution by International Courts / edited by J. van der Sanden & W. J. van der Wolf [KZ7230 .P86 2012

The legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia / edited by Bert Swart, Alexander Zahar, and Göran Sluiter [KZ1203.A12 L438 2011]

Judicial creativity at the international criminal tribunals / edited by Shane Darcy and Joseph Powderly [KZ7230 .J83 2010]

Manual on international courts and tribunals / authors, Ruth Mackenzie, Cesare P. R. Romano, Yuval Shany, with Philippe Sands [KZ6250 .M36 2010] 

Critical assessments of international criminal courts / editor Magda Karagiannakis [KZ6304 .C75 2009]

Designing criminal tribunals : sovereignty and international concerns in the protection of human rights / Steven D. Roper, Lilian A. Barria [KZ6310 .R67 2006]

Internationalized Criminal Courts and Tribunals: Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo, and Cambodia / Cesare P.R. Romano et al. (eds.)  [KZ6310 .I584 2004]


Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control / Medea Benjamin [UG1242.D7 B46 2013]

The Struggle for Yemen and the Challenge of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula / W. Andrew Terrill [HV6432.5.Q2 T47 2013]

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) and Law / Lydia de Beer (ed.) [UG1242.D7 U57 2011]

Lecture on Drones / Douglas Marshall (speaker) (Videorecording) [UG1242.D7 M37 2010 DVD

Customary International Law

For additiona items see Customary Law - International

Customary International Law in Times of Fundamental Change: Recognizing Grotian Moments / Michael P. Sharf [KZ1277 .S33 2013]

Customary International Law: A New Theory with Practical Applications / Brian D. Lepard [KZ1277 .L47 2010]

Developments in Customary International Law: Theory and the Practice of the International Court of Justice and the International Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and Yugoslavia / Birgit Schlutter [KZ1277 .S35 2010]

The nature of customary law / Amanda Perreau-Saussine & James Bernard Murphy (eds.) [KZ1277 .N38 2007]

The fundamental rules of the international legal order: Jus Cogens and obligations Erga Omnes / edited by Christian Tomuschat and Jean Marc Thouvenin [KZ1261 .F86 2006]

Non-State Actors

For additional items see Non-State actors (international relations) subject heading 

Participants in the international legal system : multiple perspectives on non-state actors in international law / edited by Jean d'Aspremont ; foreword by W. Michael Reisman ; presentation by Math Noortmann [KZ3925 .P37 2011]

International Law Beyond the State: Essays on Sovereignty, Non-State Actors and Human Rights / Robert McCorquodale [KZ3410 .M33 2011]

Extraterritorial use of force against non-state actors / Noam Lubell [KZ6405.N66 L83 2010

Implementing Resolution 1540: The Role of Regional Organizations / edited by Lawrence Scheinman; UNIDIR, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, Geneva Switzerland [electronic resouce available on HeinOnline as part of United Nations Law Collection]

Nuremberg Trials

For additional items see Nuremberg Trials or Nuremberg 

The Mauhausen Trial: American Military Justice in Germany / Tomaz Jardim [KK73.5.D33 J37 2012]

Punishment and Prosecution by International Courts / edited by J. van der Sanden & W.J. van der Wolf [KZ7230 .P86 2012]

The Politics of International Criminal Justice: German Perspective from Nuremberg to the Hague / Ronen Steinke [KZ7050 .S74 2012]

The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the origins of international criminal law / Kevin Jon Heller [KZ1176.5 .H39 2011]

Holocaust and Justice: Representation and Histography of the Holocauset in Post-War Trials/ edited by David Bankier & Dan Michman [KZ1174.5 .H65 2010]

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial and Its Policy Consequences Today / edited by Beth A. Griech-Polelle [KZ1176.5 .N89 2009

The Legacy of Nuremberg: Civilising Influence or Institutionalised Vengeance? / David A. Blumenthal and Timothy L.H. McCormack (eds.) [KZ1176.5 .L44 2008

War on Terror / Terrorism / Counterterrorism

For additional items see War on Terror 

Detention in the 'War on Terror': Can Human Rights Fight Back? / Fiona de Londras [K3240 .D39 2011]

New battlefields, old laws : critical debates on asymmetric warfare / edited by William C. Banks [KZ6471 .N49 2011]

Indirect responsibility for terrorist acts: redefinition of the concept of terrorism beyond violent acts [KZ7220 .L448 2009]

The detention of unlawful enemy combatants during the war on terror / Colleen E. Hardy [KF9430 H.37 2009

International law and the War on Terror / Fred L. Borch & Paul S. Wilson, editors [KZ6795.T47 I58 2003


Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals / André Klip and Göran Sluiter (eds.)  18 v.  [KZ6310 .A5 1999]

The International Criminal Law Repoerts / Helen Malcolm & Rodney Dixon (eds.) Looseleaf [KZ6310 .I5815]  

International Criminal Law and Justice

For additional items see International Criminal Law (678 items) or International Criminal Justice (316 items)

Criminal Law and Policy in the European Union / Samily Miettinen [KJ9430 .M54 2013]

Africa and the Future of International Criminal Justice / Vincent O. Nmehielle (ed.) [KZ7075 .A93 2012]

Essays on International Criminal Justice / Hector Olasolo [KZ7312 .O43 2012

The role of courts in transitional justice : voices from Latin America and Spain / edited by Jessica Almqvist and Carlos Esposito [KG495 .R65 2012]

Exploring the Boundaries of International Criminal Justice / Ralph Henham & Mark Findlay (eds.) [KZ6304 .E99 2011

Principles of Islamic International Criminal Law: A Comparative Search / Farhad Malekian [KBP4538 .M35 2011]

The Justice Cascade: How Human Rigghts Prosecutions are Changing World Politics / Kathryn Sikkink [KZ7145 .S55 2011]

Future Perspectives on International Criminal Justices / Carsten Stahn & Larissa van den Herik (eds.) [K5001 .F88 2010]

Globalization of Criminal Justice / Michael Bohlander [K5064 .G56 2010]

The limits of criminal law : a comparative analysis of approaches to legal theorizing / Carl Constantin Lauterwein [K5018 .L38 2010]

Understanding International Criminal Law, 2nd ed. / Ellen S. Podgor and Roger S. Clark [K5015.4 .P63 2008 Reserve] 

Rethinking International Criminal Law: The Substantive Part / Olaoluwa Olusanya (ed.)  [K5301 .R48 2007

From Nuremberg to The Hague: The Future of International Criminal Justice / Philippe Sands (ed.)  [KZ6310 .F76 2003]   

International Criminal Law and the Current Development of Public International Law: Proceedings of an International Symposium of the Kiel Walther Schücking Institute of International Law, May 30-June 2, 2002 / Andreas Zimmermann (ed.) [K5301.A6 I57 2003]

National Security and International Criminal Justice / Herwig Roggemann and Petar Šarčević (eds.) [KZ6310 .N38 2002

The Abolition of the Death Penalty in International Law, 3rd ed. / William A. Schabas [K5104 .S32 2002]

International Criminal Court

Find additional items at International Criminal Courts (291 items) 

The International Criminal Court and national courts : a contentious relationship / by Nidal Nabil Jurdi [KZ6314 .J87 2011]

Peace and Justice at the International Criminal Court: a Court of Last Resort / Errol P. Mendes [KZ6311 .M46 2010]

The Emerging Practice of the International Criminal Court / Carsten Stahn and Göran Sluiter (eds.)  [KZ6311 .E364 2009]

Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Courts and the European Court of Human Rights: Procedure and Evidence / Vladimir Tochilovsky.  Accompanying CD-ROM at Circulation Desk.  [KZ6310 .T63 2008]

The Politics of Constructing the International Criminal Court: NGOs, Discourse, and Agency / Michael J. Struett.  [KZ6311 .S77 2008]

Symbolic Gestures and the Generation of Global Social Control: The International Criminal Court / Dawn Rothe and Christopher W. Mullins [KZ6311 .R68 2006

The Onset of Global Governance: International Relations Theory and the International Criminal Court / Eric K. Leonard [KZ6311 .L46 2005]  

The Triggering Procedure of the International Criminal Court / Héctor Olásolo. [KZ6314 .O43 2005]

The International Criminal Court: Recommendations on Policy and Practice: Financing, Victims, Judges, and Immunities / Thordis Ingadottir (ed.)  [KZ6310 .I5795 2003]  

The International Criminal Court and the Transformation of International Law: Justice for the New Millennium / Leila Nadya Sadat [K5000 .S23 2002]

Toward an International Criminal Court?: Three Options Presented as Presidential Speeches / Alton Frye, proj. dir. [KZ6310 .T69 1999]

The Rome Statute

Commentary on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: Observers' Notes, Article by article, 2nd ed. / Otto Triffterer (ed.)  Includes text of the Statute.  [KZ6310 .C653 2008]

The Legislative History of the International Criminal Court / M. Cherif Bassiouni (ed.)  3 v.  [KZ6312 .L44 2005]

States' Responses to Issues Arising from the ICC Statute: Constitutional, Sovereignty, Judicial Cooperation and Criminal Law / Roy S. Lee (ed.) [Z6312 .S73 2005]

Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: Second Session, New York, 8-12 September 2003: official records.  [KZ6310 .A87 2003]

Elements of War Crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: Sources and Commentary / Knut Döermann.  [K5301 .D64 2003]

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: A Commentary / Antonio Cassese et al (eds.) 3 v. Includes the text of the statute in "Materials" pp. 3-64.  [KZ6310 .R665 2002

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: A Challenge to Impunity / Mauro Politi and Giuseppe Nesi (eds.)  [KZ6310 .R66 2001

The International Criminal Court: The Making of the Rome Statute - Issues, Negotiations, Results / Roy S. Lee (ed.)  [KZ6310 .I58 1999


For additional items see complementarity 

Diplomatic and Judicial Means of Dispute Settlement / Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Marcelo Kohen, and Jorge E. Vinuales (eds.) [KZ6010 .D56 2013]

The Ashgate research Companion to International Criminal Law: Critical Perspectives / William A. Schabas, Yvone McDermott, and NIamh Hayes (eds.) [KZ7050 .A84 2013

Turkey and the International Criminal Court: A Substantive Criminal Law Analysis in the Context of the Principle of Complementarity / Ali Emrah Bozbayindir [KZ7312 .B69 2013]

International Criminal Procedure / Gideon Boas et al. [KZ7230 .I58 2011

The International Criminal Court and Complementarity: From Theory to Practice / Carsten Stahn & Mohamed M. El Zeidy (eds.) 2 v. [KZ7379 .I58 2011]

The International Criminal Court and National Courts: A Contentious Relationship / by Nidal Nabil Jurdi [KZ6314 .J87 2011] 

Complementarity in the Rome Statute and National Criminal Jurisdictions / Jann K. Kleffner  [KZ6311 .K57 2008]

The Principle of Complementarity in International Criminal Law: Origin, Development and Practice / by Mohamed M. El Zeidy [KZ6314 .E49 2008]

The Relationship Between the International Criminal Court and National Jurisdictions: The Principle of Complementarity / by Jo Stigen [KZ6314 .S75 2008]

Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law / Mark A. Drumbl [K5301 .D78 2007]

Complementary Views on Complementarity: Proceedings of the International Roundtable on the Complementary Nature of the International Criminal Court, Amsterdam, 25/26 June 2004 / Jann K. Kleffner & Gerben Kor (eds.)  [KZ6310 .I5825  2006

The International Criminal Court: Consent, Complementarity and Cooperation / Kristina Miskowiak  [KZ6310 .M57 2000]


For additional items see Immunities of foreign states

Gacaca Courts

For additional items see Gacaca

Rwanda's Gacaca Courts: Between Retribution and Reparation / Paul Christoph Bornkamm [KTD157.7 .B67 2012]

Justice Compromised: The Legacy of Rwanda's Community-Based Gacaca Courts / Leslie Haskell [KTD157.7 .H37 2011] 

Remaking Rwanda: State Building and Human Rights After Mass Violence / edited by Scott Straus and Lars Waldorf [DT450.44 .R46 2011]

The Courts of Genocide: Politics and the Rule of Law in Rwanda and Arusha / Nicholas A. Jones [K5001 .J66 2010]

The Gacaca Courts, Post-Genocide Justice and Reconciliation in Rwanda: Justice without Lawyers / Phil Clark [KTD454 .C57 2010]

After Genocide: Transitional Justice, Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Rwanda and Beyond / edited by Phil Clark & Zachary D. Kaufman [KTD454 .A943 2009]

In the Tall Grass / Manyara Films in association with Crossing the Line Productions presents a film by J. Coll Metcalfe, written and directed by J. Coll Metcalfe, produced by J. Coll Metcalfe and Eugene Cornelius [KTD182.9 .I5 2006 DVD]

My Neighbor, My Enemy: Justice and Community in the Aftermath of Mass Atrocity / edited by Eric Stover & Harvey M. Weinstein [K5301 .M9 2004]

War Crimes

For additional items see War Crimes