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Health Law Research Guide: Searching PubMed

A gateway to online resources, including federal, state, and international health law, health law topics, legal and medical journals and newsletters, legal and medical agencies and organizations, and relevant discussion groups.

Searching PubMed

PubMed contains millions of journal citations and abstracts in medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and preclinical sciences. It includes MEDLINE, as well as other molecular biology resources.

Identify the key concepts for your search and enter the terms in the search box.

Suggestions will display as you type your search terms. Click Turn off to temporarily disable the autocomplete feature.

If you retrieve too many search results:

  • Replace general search terms with more specific ones

  • Add additional terms to your search.

  • Use Limits to limit citations by age group, language, publication type, date, human studies, etc.

Search results are displayed, 20 per page, with the most recent citations first. Mouse over any journal abbreviation to see the full journal name.

Click the article title to get the abstract, if available.

Generally, electronic copies of journal articles are not available in PubMed. However, some abstracts may link to electronic copies from the publisher’s Web site.

If a journal is not owned by any Pace University library, request the article online through Interlibrary Loan.