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Health Law Research Guide: Electronic Databases

A gateway to online resources, including federal, state, and international health law, health law topics, legal and medical journals and newsletters, legal and medical agencies and organizations, and relevant discussion groups.

Electronic Databases available at Pace


Use terms & connectors or natural language to search your specific issue. Set filters, including jurisdiction, topic, or content type before search. Results can be sorted by content type and other filters.  Use folders to stay organized. Annotate or highlight your saved results. Share folders but note that annotations are considered attorney work product and thus not shared. Download results to read off line in your Westlaw app or email results to yourself. 

Practitioner Insights includes a "Browse (Topic),"  "Tools and Resources," a section to set "Alerts" for current cases, and Featured Legal Filings. 

Directory > Topical Materials by Area of Practice > Health & Medicine to access databases and files for statutory law, case law, administrative materials, secondary sources, and practice materials relating to health care and medicine.

Add Tabs by area of law to save time.  Click Add Content to this Tab to add additional files and tools to your tabs.  Use business and news tab to stay current.  Click to access WESTLAW (password required).

Available tabs:

Health Law  Federal & state cases, statutes, & regulations relevant to health law, dozens of treatises & practice guides, health law reviews & journals, and health law news

Medical Litigator  Stedman's Medical Dictionary, PDR, ICD9, Attorneys Medical Atlas, National Physician Directory, Stein's Personal Injury Damages, ALR MedMal annotations, AmJur Trials/MedMal, West's Medical Malpractice Law Report, Andrews Medical Devices Litigation Reporter, FDA Regulatory Materials, Medical Board Decisions, Expert Witness Filings, & more

Elder Practitioner  Federal & state elder law cases, statutes, & regs, sources for pensions, retirement, guarianship, health & housing, & "Elder Essentials:" Advising the Elderly Client, NY Elder Law Handbook, NY Elder Law Practice, relevant forms, clauses, checklists, & more

Tobacco Litigation  Primary law, court documents, dockets, and transcripts, Andrews Tobacco Industry Litigation Reporter, legal analysis, & news


Research Tasks > Area of Law > Healthcare or Medical or Social Security Disability to access relevant primary law, secondary sources, practice materials, law reviews, and news 

Add tabs by jurisdiction or area of law to save time. Take advantage of business and news tab to stay current.  Factiva content has been recently added. Click to access LEXIS (password required). 

Available Tabs:

Health Care Law  Federal & state health law cases, statutes, & regs, secondary sources including BNA health care & medical materials, Treatise on Health Care Law, Harney's Medical Malpractice, Health Care Law Compliance Manual, Medical Records Privacy under HIPPA, Bender treatises, health law reviews, emerging issues, & news

Medical  Medical-legal texts & materials, including Attorneys Textbook of Medicine, Attorneys Medical Dictionary, Proving Medical Diagnosis & Prognosis, Courtroom Medicine, Courtroom Toxicology, Drug Product Liability, International Pharmaceutical Law & Practice, medical illustrations, PDR, directory of medical experts, medical journals & law reviews, & news

Medical Malpractice  Federal & state med mal cases, statutes, regs, & municipal codes, Jury Verdicts and Settlements, Medical Litigation Alert, briefs, motions, & pleadings, forms & drafting instructions, & emerging issues

Elder Law  Relevant federal & state cases, statutes, & regs, forms & drafting instructions, legal analysis including Guide to Elder Law Practice, Long Term Care Advocacy, Tax, Estate, & Financial Planning for the Elderly, Injuries & Disorders in the Elderly, BNA & Bender materials, law reviews, emerging issues, & news

Social Security Disability  National Disability Law Reporter, Social Security Rulings, Social Security Practice Guide, Lawyers' Guide to Medical Proof, Disability Compliance Bulletin, Workers' Compensation & Disability Law Reviews Combined, news, & emerging issues