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Free and Low Cost Resources for Legal Research: Book Research

When you don't have access to Westlaw or Lexis, use these free or low cost resources for legal research

Google Books

Use the Find in a Library option to locate a resource in a library near you.

General (Book) Resources

These are some general resources.  Keep in mind that there are treatises and deskbooks for every area of law--find these in a library catalog, or ask a reference librarian.

Using Books

  • In a law firm setting, take the time to familiarize yourself with the firm's library
  • It's likely it won't be what you think of as a library--it might just be a dictionary and a practice guide on a shelf somewhere. 
  • Large law firms have more traditional libraries.  There might even be a law librarian.
  • If your firm has a librarian, make friends with her or him.
  • Books have indexes--look up the same search terms you would use online in the index.
  • Books have tables of contents--use the table of contents to familiarize yourself with an area of law.
  • If you have a summer job or externship, familiarize yourself with the major books and practice guides in the firm's practice area.  Talk to one of the Pace Law reference librarians--we can help you.
  • Pace Law School alumni have lifetime access to the Pace Law Library.  Come in to use not only books, but a wide variety of legal databases, including the public access version of Lexis.

Pace Law Library Catalog

Google Scholar

New Books at Pace Law Library

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